Entering The Post-Bitcoin Digital Economy

Entering The Post-Bitcoin Digital Economy


Having fallen out of favor in the circles of highly influential blockchain technology players, Bitcoin likely won’t see its widespread commercial adoption beyond the retail and speculation level. This is a long-term view, and not to minimize the usefulness and impact of what Bitcoin is and has inspired. But, as players like R3 CEV, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and a slew of other companies experiment with blockchain technologies, it’s clear to see that they’re looking to serve their clients, who perceive no uses for Bitcoin itself in their industry.

Mike Hearn, a Bitcoin developer privy to what’s taking place in the new commanding heights of the blockchain experience, predicted Bitcoin’s eventual downfall. Is his speculation coming true?

Bitcoin developers, in the view of a blockchain-forward financial technology company, are somewhat atavistic in the sense that, while Bitcoin will serve as future inspiration, it won’t serve as future medium. To that end project after project have been endeavored upon, looking to incorporate Bitcoin-inspired technology in whatever way desired.  Examples include:  a blockchain inspired

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