Equibit Managing Partner Explains Why a Block Chain Based Securities Register Will Revolutionize OTC Trading

Equibit, which bills itself as a global P2P OTC platform, is a block-chain-based securities register that manages OTC equity, warrants, partnership units and more. The system includes a shareholder communication system, plus the ability to issue BTC-denominated dividends and distributions. Equibit manages functions typically performed through transfer agents and central depositories. Hence, the system saves costs to issuers and brokers.

Chris Horlacher

Chris Horlacher

If successful, this P2P electronic equity system will revolutionize securities trading. CCN reported on Equibit’s formation in June. CCN recently contacted Chris Horlacher, managing partner of the Toronto, Canada-based venture, to find out how he got involved with the block chain and why he believes the Equibit-powered OTC market will be successful. Following are excerpts of this QA interview.

Tell us about your professional background and experience.

Horlacher: I graduated college with an honors bachelor of accounting degree and immediately went to work as an auditor in Deloitte Touche’s manufacturing and retail client practice. That was a fantastic experience, and I got to work with some of the world’s largest companies and pension funds. Many of these companies had hedging operations, and that became an area I

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