Eris COO: Private and Public Blockchains Need to Co-Exist

erisHow seriously should you take a company with a marmot named Doug for a mascot?

That has been the subject of debate surrounding Eris Industries and its blockchain solutions platform for some time. Founded in 2014, Eris has evolved to become one of the more novel projects in the blockchain space in terms of its operating thesis, officially launching in December with a goal toward a “1.0 release” this summer.

In its short history, Eris has made a point to trumpeting its belief that bitcoin should be thought of as a shared software database, not as a network for sending money or value. In the process, it has successfully highlighted the evolving debate regarding how the technology and its capabilities should be conceptualized and articulated to the public.

A focal point of Eris’ view is that the same strong data management provided by the blockchain can be brought to “virtually any other business process”.

Of note is the somewhat antagonistic nature with which Eris has sought to stress its belief that blockchains can exist without bitcoin, meaning they don’t need assets like bitcoin that are tradeable and that have

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