ERNIT Piggy Bank: Teaching Kids to Save Using Bitcoin

A new project on Kickstarter called ERNIT is a digital piggy bank that teaches kids to save money using bitcoin. It dubs itself as the piggy bank of the future, as it also allows fund management through the app. It also accepts credit or debit cards and bank transfers, aside from bitcoin.

The app is connected to a physical piggy bank which uses light to show users how close they are to reaching their goals. The creators noted that children need to touch, see and hear to learn about financial value at an early stage, which is why ERNIT drew inspiration from traditional piggy banks.

Bitcoin and Saving

With ERNIT, parents can be able to teach their kids about saving by allowing their children to set goals and help build the patience to reach those. Apart from sparking family conversations about the value of money and the use of bitcoin, it also delivers a fun experience that empowers children with good financial habits.

Pledges of $1 to $5,999 or more are accepted through the Kickstarter page. The project has a goal of $80,000 in funding by November 2. A pledge of $1 or more will get an eBook with 25 tips

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