Etherchain Open Source Ethereum Mining Pool Now Available

A few weeks ago, one of the most anticipated projects in the virtual currency was launched.  Ethereum marks a milestone in the history of Bitcoin and digital currency, as this project raised over US$10m in funding before a single piece of code was delivered.  One year after that fundraising, Ethereum was unveiled to the public, even though there was still a lot of work to be done.

Ethereum Launch – A Work in ProgressEthereum Small

Once Ethereum was released to the public, it became quite clear there was still a lot of work to be done.  During the first few days, there was no graphical user interface for the Ethereum client whatsoever.  Enthusiasts who own a computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux still had quite a bit of compiling to do, which sometimes involved installing additional software that would only be used once.
To top it all off, the initial launch was not bug-free either.  Ethereum users suffered from compromised private keys and a fix was released after a few days.  Luckily for all parties involved, no major amount of coins were stolen during the process.  A ton of negative

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