Ethereum and Litecoin: Apples and Oranges

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In the past few months, Ethereum has climbed up the ranks to become the second largest cryptocurrency. Ethereum efficiently displaced Litecoin which has been holding that position for a very long time to take its place on the list.

Litecoin is an altcoin created by Charles Lee. It was released on October 7, 2011. The cryptocurrency was developed to overcome certain mining challenges posed by bitcoin due to the adoption of high-performance processing equipment by select masses. One of the advantages of Litecoin against bitcoin was the reduced mining time and the increased number of maximum cryptocoins that can be mined over the network. While bitcoin is capped at a maximum of 21 million tokens, Litecoin is set for a maximum of 84 million crypto tokens. Litecoin was created using scrypt proof of work algorithm, which was slated to be ASIC mining resistant, but it was made redundant over time as powerful Litecoin miners surfaced. The altcoin currently holds the distinction of being the third largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Comparing Ethereum with Litecoin is like comparing apples to oranges. Except for them both being fruits, they are completely different from each other. Similarly, Ethereum and Litecoin are worlds

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