Ethereum Classic’s Proclaimation of Independence from Censorship and Interference

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Ethereum Classic, an offshoot of Ethereum that continues to carry on with the Ethereum legacy blockchain has published its own version of the “declaration of independence” from Ethereum. In the document, Ethereum Classic which came into existence on July 20, 2016, following the implementation of Ethereum hard fork states its plans for the future and the principles to which it will adhere to.

Ethereum Classic represents the community that objected Ethereum’s approach to handling things. Ethereum was forced to hard fork the blockchain in order to recover ETH that was siphoned off by an attacker. The attacker had taken advantage of a flaw in the code. However, this move was considered by the ETC community as censorship, fraud and third party interference.

While Ethereum Classic recognizes the hard work and dedication of the Ethereum Foundation and its members in creating the Ethereum protocol, it also presents a list of grievances against the very people who created it. The ETC community believes that the ETH hard fork was implemented with the only intention of blacklisting and censoring normal transactions on the protocol. By doing so, they violated the very principles upon which the whole system was built. Being a

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