Ethereum Developers Announce a Hardfork Again

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The EthCore team is preparing a new hardfork solution for Ethereum to rectify the network’s operation and prevent numerous attacks the project is facing these days.

“The protocol is fundamentally flawed and will need to be fixed in a reparatory hard-fork, the sooner the deployment of which the better. In principle, once the protocol is fixed, this suggests that we can probably eek out a substantial performance gain from the World Computer (perhaps 10x) simply by refining the gas metering system and optimising the faster clients to get into the same comfort range that Parity enjoys,” wrote Gavin Wood.

Some members of EthCore have also confirmed the hardfork to ForkLog. According to their information, it could have occurred as early as October 5 or 6, however, nothing has happened so far. Currently the developers are busy

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