Ethereum Hard Fork Gives Birth to a New ‘Classic’ Coin

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The Ethereum community had a hard fork this past week, and many celebrated a successful implementation. However, not everyone was enthusiastic about the fork as it only received 85% of the network’s hashing power. The Ethereum blockchain split into two, and the minority has been mining and now trading via Poloniex a “new” token supply called Ethereum Classic.

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Ethereum Classic Emerges

In the wee hours of July 23, the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex introduced a new token its markets dubbed Ethereum Classic. This has caused a heated debate throughout the Ethereum community just days after celebration among the Ethereum Foundation members and members of the development team of the implemented hard fork.

btchEthereum Classic, otherwise known as ETC, has a lot of volume at Poloniex. Currently, the exchange is reporting over 18 thousand BTC in ETC trading with the troll-box going wild.

People initially thought ETC was just an exercise in trolling as well, but the project has gained significant traction over

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