Ethereum Hard Fork Should Be An Unbiased Community Decision

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The Ethereum ecosystem is still in a state of flux after the attacks against  The DAO. It has become apparent the goal is to execute either a soft or hard fork to resolve this situation. But Peter Todd argues that forking is not the right way to solve this situation.

A lot of people still seem to confuse The DAO with Ethereum and vice versa. The DAO is a project on top of the Ethereum platform, and Ether is the currency used during The DAO’s crowdsale. But that is almost as far as the comparisons go. Unfortunately, the security vulnerability that caused the DAO hack also raised security questions regarding the Ethereum protocol.

The Ethereum Fork Is A Topic of Debate

Interestingly enough, the hard fork solution concept is getting a lot of support. More particularly, the team – who create The DAO – and Vitalik Buterin seem for this solution. That is rather strange, as a hard fork would set a dangerous precedent for Ethereum.

Peter Todd mentions how it appears as if Ethereum miners have executed the first part of the proposed fork already. Funds taken from the DAO is blacklisted through a soft fork, so transactions attempting to

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