Ethereum Labs Announces Launch Of “EtherX” A Multi-Currency Wallet With Integrated Exchange Featuring “EthereumCard”

Ethereum Labs announces a launch of most expected “EtherX” height and a recover of code new multi-currency wallet with integrated sell featuring ‘EthereumCard” and many other several white tag derivatives…

Ethereum Labs

Ethereum Labs is a investigate and growth organization, incubating disruptive ideas, leveraging a Ethereum Blockchain Stack, building decentralized applications, organizations and intelligent contracts. Ethereum Labs’ goal during it’s core is to broach genuine life value by applications that can make a suggestive disproportion to legacy processes


EtherX is a distributed decentralized focus that will offer as a secure multi-currency wallet with an integrated exchange. Features of a new EtherX wallet are as follows:

  • Multi-Signature – Allows supports within specific wallets to be tranquil by mixed parties formed on a specific set of manners or particular roles. This underline will be critical as many blockchain formed applications will need this form of functionality (Family Trusts, Joint Accounts etc.)
  • Multi-Currency – Offers a ability to store and covenant in many opposite forms of blockchain formed currencies, tokens and derivatives. This underline will turn some-more and some-more in direct as a ecosystem expands and a masses start to exercise these technologies into bland life and bland business and

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