Ethereum Network Continues Thawing Process in Anticipation of the Start of Trading


Ethereum is finishing its ‘Thawing’ phase, designed to help the network grow organically at a slow and steady pace. In a matter of hours, the network will be handling transactions and trading will begin. Ethereum CCO Stephen Tual published a new blog post asking miners are asked to update their clients.

Tual published an update last night on the thawing process that Ethereum has been engaged in since its recent launch. Until now, miners were able to verify and add blocks to the blockchain, but no transactions were possible because of an artificially low limit on how much ‘gas’ could be spent on the network.

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This artificial limit is ready to be lifted, but it requires miners to update their Ethereum clients to the latest version. Tual writes: “The thawing pull request has been merged for the Go client and the Master branch has been updated. If you’re still running branch release 1.0.0 please switch to Master.”

For users implementing a C++ Ethereum client, he suggests that, “they can also switch to

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