Ethereum Price Virtually Unchanged Despite Bitcoin Bull Rush

Now that the Bitcoin price has been on the rise again, the discussion ultimately turns to how Ethereum is doing. Albeit Ethereum has been losing some of its value compared to the Bitcoin trading price, the Ethereum price in USD remains virtually unaffected.

Trading in the world of cryptocurrency is an exciting experience, as there are so many things taking place at once. Now that the Bitcoin price is rocketing over the past few days, there is usually a significant impact on the value of all alternative cryptocurrencies. Traders are keeping a very close eye on the Ethereum price as Bitcoin is going up in value, but so far, the impact seems to be minimal.

Ethereum Price is Not Dropping Per Se

Depending on how one wants to look at the charts, the Ethereum price is either dropping like a stone or remains virtually unchanged. As the Bitcoin price keeps going up, it is only normal to see the ETH/BTC trading markets taking a hit. So far, this market segment has taken a nosedive over the past few days, which does not come as a complete surprise.

However, a lot of people may have expected a far bigger price

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