Ethereum Spam on Reddit To Blame on /r/Bitcoin Censorship

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Frequent visitors of a Reddit height competence have beheld they are removing some bizarre private messages these days. Especially those users active on a Bitcoin subreddits are being targeted with spam bots promotion a advantages of Ethereum. Despite Reddit’s anti-spam measures, these messages are still entrance by for some reason. It goes though observant this is not doing a repute of Ethereum any favors right now, nonetheless zero of these efforts are orchestrated by them as distant as we can tell.

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Ethereum Spam On Reddit Gets Out of Hand

Even yet it is zero new underneath a object to be contacted by pointless users on Reddit regarding a product or use they wish to promote, things tend to get out of palm sometimes. Take a Ethereum “marketing campaign”, for example, that is deliberately targeting users active on any of a Bitcoin subreddits.

While it is tough to contend what this flood of messages is perplexing to achieve, it is transparent that someone is behind all of these efforts. Unlike what some people competence think, these efforts do not seem to be combined by a Ethereum group themselves, though rather

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