Ethereum Successfully Hardforks to Address Vulnerable Vectors

Ethereum has successfully upgraded its network to address a number of attack vectors that were constantly exploited in September and October of this year.

Just before Devcon2’s opening, an attacker exploited a smart contract gas mispricing bug which threatened to derail Ethereum’s big day. The developers, however, were able to take emergency measures, allowing the network to continue operating, but after Devcon2, for a period of two weeks, the attacker kept exploiting the same bug in different and creative ways, leading Gavin Wood, founder of Parity Technologies, to call for a hardfork.

The developers recommended two hardforks, an emergency upgrade to deal with the most serious issues, which was successfully completed in October, and a second hardfork to further optimize the network and increase Ethereum’s robustness.

The second hardfork just completed today and it includes, among other aspects, relay protection so that the ETH and ETC chains can be fully separated. At block 2,670,000, the network disregarded the old bugged chain for the new more robust blockchain without any apparent technical or social

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