Ethereum Users Need To Raise Gas Limits To Fight Blockchain Bloat

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The Ethereum ecosystem is going through several changes with the recently announced new hard fork. Unfortunately, it appears the network is showing signs of fewer transactions being accepted than before. Developers are also advising on raising the gas limit to 3.3 million as soon as possible. Similarly to Bitcoin, Ethereum’s blockchain is showing signs of bloat as well.

To be more precise, there are quite a few Ethereum wallet addresses taking up blockchain space. Most of these accounts are empty, yet their dataset carries over into newer network blocks. To debloat the blockchain, Ethereum users will need to raise the gas limit and resume accepting transactions.

It is possible to remove significant amounts of empty wallet accounts at very little costs. Through the EIP 161 proposal implemented in Ethereum, this process should not be overly difficult to accomplish. Raising the gas limit through either geth or Parity only requires a minor modification, as outlined on Reddit.

Reducing The Ethereum Blockchain Bloat

Removing these empty accounts is an excellent way to reduce blockchain bloat, and streamline the Ethereum ecosystem once again. Moreover, it appears several users are suffering from transactions requiring longer confirmation times. That is not an optimal development, as

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