Ethereum Woes Validate Conservative Nature Of Bitcoin Developers …

For some time now, some people have thought the Bitcoin Core development team is too conservative and too concerned with technical failures to take action to improve the ability of the network to grow, but after the collapse of the DAO, two Ethereum blockchains are operating, lending more credence to bitcoin’s approach.

In a report, Joe Colangelo, executive director of Consumers’ Research, said he thinks the result “completely vindicates” the path Bitcoin Core has chosen. He said the conservative nature of the team developing it has given him and others confidence in rules that make bitcoin so important. “The intransigence of the bitcoin development community is a feature, not a bug. If it’s this hard to raise the block size, that 21m limit for bitcoin looks rock solid,” he said in the report.

Late in July, the development community behind Ethereum went ahead with a decision to push a change to its

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