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Ethereum’s Woes Haven’t Hurt Bitcoin: Wonder Why?

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Martin Tillier, a financial confidant who writes for Nasdaq, says a new DAO penetrate shows there is a disadvantage in Ethereum and that while some competence have suspicion it would simulate negatively on bitcoin, bitcoin’s cost activity demonstrates a reverse. While bitcoin does not offer a growth capabilities of Ethereum, it has demonstrated improved reliability.

Martin Tillier

Martin Tillier

In an opinion piece patrician “What Does Ethereum’s Massive Hack Mean For Bitcoin?” Tillier remarkable that some have touted Ethereum as a cryptocurrency many expected to emerge as a “winner” currency, “a VHS to Bitcoin’s Betamax” for those aged adequate to remember that rivalry.

Confidence In Ethereum Falls

While a full implications of a $60-million-plus penetrate on Ethereum are not nonetheless known, Tillier thinks certainty in a banking has suffered a reversal that it won’t be recuperating from anytime soon.

The attack

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