EthTrade Guarantees Profits on Even Small Ethereum Investments

As Ethereum continues to gain traction among traders and speculators alike, the digital currency is also being put to use in attractive investments schemes.

EthTrade, a Czech-based asset trust management company, has tapped into Ethereum’s growing popularity in its new high yield investment services. The company enables almost all Ethereum holders — even investors investing as low as $10 — to make 15-25 pc monthly investment.

As stated above, EthTrade allows investments as low as $10, but also enables investors wishing to play high. With that said, the maximum amount of investments at EthTrade could be as high as $30,000. It doesn’t accept investments that surpass the aforementioned limits.

EthTrade holds clients’ funds for a total of 60 days and — during the said period — use the money to conduct trading activities on Ethereum-based Bitcoin and Dollar pairs. The company is comprised of experienced and professional trade analysts that are accurate at predicting market movements. An ideal Ethereum holder, who might be too busy to even keep tabs on day-to-day Ethereum price fluctuations, could actually find EthTrade’s services handy.

EthTrade stated:

“The company provides 5 statuses for investors: FRONTIER weekly limit for investments is $500, withdrawal limit

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