EUIPO Finds Bitcoin Hinders Anti-piracy Efforts

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The universe we live in is filled with contradictions and misconceptions. A new reported by a European Union Intellectual Property Office goes to uncover how small they know tide technology. According to a report’s findings, Tor and Bitcoin are dual factors opposition anti-piracy efforts.

A Payment Method Is Hindering Anti-Piracy?

Apparently, there is some clarity indispensable as to what Bitcoin does exactly. To be clear, Bitcoin is a remuneration method, and as prolonged as people compensate for products or services, there is no robbery to pronounce of. Theoretically, that is, as Bitcoin is not strictly famous as a banking in many countries around a world.

The new report by a EUIPO seems to feel differently, as they paint a design of business models used to illegally feat egghead property. Some calm providers who tide movies, tv shows, and song over a Internet, assign a subscription price for doing so. That subscription can be paid for in Bitcoin, so there is some association there.

“Several infringing business models rest on encryption-based technologies. The Tor network and Bitcoin, for example, are regularly mentioned as partial of this “shadow landscape.” It some-more and some-more relies on new encrypted technologies like

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