Europeans Can Now Receive Their Paycheck in Bitcoin

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Europe-based bitcoin services provider Cashila has recently released a Bitwage-like Euro-to-Bitcoin payroll system, permitting European employees to ask their salary to be paid in bitcoin by a elementary bank or SEPA payment.

The remuneration routine of a sender or a employer will stay a accurately a same. On a Cashila platform, a receiver will emanate a payroll ask with a inclusion of required bank details, including specific anxiety number, IBAN Bank comment number, remuneration amount, etc.

Once completed, employees and freelancers can trade a check as a PDF or send it around email to their employers and wait for a remuneration to be processed by a bank and Cashila.

The users of a height might also accept bitcoin by a European bank account, by transferring bitcoins to a platform’s Euro Wallet, afterwards immediately converting to Euros.

Through this use called “Reserve Cashila Feature,” a Cashilla group aims to assistance coax mainstream bitcoin expansion in Europe, and strengthen freelancers and employees from bitcoin cost volatility.

Cashila co-founder Jani Valjavec stated:

“This is a faster and cheaper chronicle of banking as we know it. Your version.”

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