Europol Gets Help From a Member of the Swedish Police to Fight Darknet Crime

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Europol in the Netherlands announced a new addition to the crime fighting taskforce. The employee, a commissioner with a background in intelligence work with the Stockholm police, was enlisted to help fight crime on the darknet.

The article announcing the new role spoke of the unique position Ericsson would be playing. Europol had been facing an influx of terrorism-related crime and with the long hours and overworked staff, some issues went unattended for far too long. Europol hoped Ericsson would fill the gap and become a liaison between fighting terrorism and darknet crimes.

So far Ericsson has not faced any rivalry between agencies and countries, a source wrote. Europol consists of 28 member states but the source said there is very little miscommunication or animosity between the entities. “It is a pleasant and easy environment to work in, everyone is motivated. I really believe in this idea. I think it is the future,” he said.



A reporter said Ericsson’s ordinary work day would involve case files consisting of drug crimes, weapon smuggling, or even mass weapon theft.

Ericsson explained the need for the role he filled as a Swedish

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