Europol Hires Darknet Specialist To Fight Online Crime

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In this day and age of emerging technologies, law enforcement officials have to go out on a limb if they want to bring crime to a halt. Europol, Europe’s most prominent law enforcement agency, enlisted the help of a darknet “specialist” to address drug trafficking. A rather unusual development that highlights the need for insider knowledge to nip these crimes in the bud.

What On Earth is A Darknet Specialist?

That seems to be the first and foremost question when hearing about Europol’s new plans. This expert is a former commissioner who used to work for the Stockholm police. Lennart Ericsson, as this person is called, will focus all of his attention on fighting deep web crime. To be more precise, his primary objective will be to identify online drug trades.

It has to be said, being labeled as a “darknet specialist” is rather unique. Even though law enforcement agencies have been paying more attention to the deep web than ever before, it is the first time we hear of specialists in the field. Europol is trying to thwart deep web crime, but they need all the help they

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