Even Bitcoin Couldn’t Provide Anonymity To Popular Dark Net Vendor Dosensupper

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Protecting one’s identity on the darknet while selling illegal goods requires a lot more than using cryptocurrency. Dosensupper, a well-known arms dealer on illegal marketplaces, has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison for his darknet activities. He was not held accountable for being involved in the transaction for the gun of the recent Munich shooting, though.

Dosensupper quickly made a name for himself by selling guns to everyone and anyone who could pay the right price. One of his transactions revolved around a machine gun to a British customer, who attempted to commit murder with it. Additionally, some of his other transactions had other less-positive run-ins with the media as well.

Dark Net Vendor Dosensupper Goes To Jail For A While

One thing Dosensupper was not held accountable for is the recent Munich shooting. Government officials still claim the gun used was purchased from the darknet, albeit there is zero evidence to back up those claims right now.  The deep web vendor did not supply the weapon used in this attack, even though it was one train of thought by the investigators at some point.

Being handed a five-and-a-half

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