Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Drug Cryptomarkets

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Two well known researchers, Monica Barratt and Judith Aldridge, put together an in-depth publication on crypto-marketplaces (the academic term for dark net markets). The jointly written article was recently published on the International Drug Info Policy website. In essence, the article answers every question about darknet markets that an outsider would have. The publication is fittingly titled “Everything you always wanted to know about drug cryptomarkets* (*but were afraid to ask).”

“When we first discovered Silk Road in 2011, on opposite sides of the globe, we could not believe it was real: people were buying illegal drugs anonymously through a global marketplace that resembled eBay or Amazon. We were instantly hooked,” they wrote in the publication. Silk Road, they claim, was a “brazen challenge” to the prohibition of drugs.

The article was written to enlighten those who know little about cryptomarkets. Along with educating the crypto naive, Barratt wanted to detail cryptomarkets changing a broader drug policy.

What drug sales dominate the markets?

As we have written in the past, online marketplaces differ from local drug sales in many ways. The researchers were able to deduce the differences to produce measurable results. Customer feedback comments and ratings on

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