Everything you need to know about all the startups working with bitcoin and blockchain

Jeremy Millar, Magister Advisors.Jeremy MillarJeremy Millar, Magister Advisors.

Magister Advisors has produced arguably the most comprehensive report to date on what is happening in the world of bitcoin and blockchain startups.

Bitcoin is a digital-only currency not backed by any central bank, while the blockchain is the software underpinning it.

Blockchain uses complex cryptography to ensure transactions can’t be tampered with and people sending and receiving money are who they say they are.

Jeremy Millar, a partner at technology bank Magister, told Business Insider blockchain is the fastest growing industry he’s ever seen. There are a huge number of startups trying to use both bitcoin and blockchain to do a variety of different things.

Banks in particular are excited about the potential savings and benefits blockchain technology could offer them. Thirty top investment banks have joined an industry-wide group looking at potential uses and plenty of banks are experimenting with the technology themselves behind closed doors.

Magister’s report is split into four sections — the bitcoin ecosystem, the blockchain ecosystem, and profiles of companies in each sector.

Magister has given BI permission to reproduce its presentation — check it out below.


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