Ex-DEA Agent Pleads Guilty to Stealing over $700,000 in Silk Road Case

Carl Mark Force IV, the “lead undercover agent” in the Silk Road case against Ross Ulbricht has pled guilty to money laundering, extortion while acting as a public official and obstruction of justice as part of a plea deal.

Force faces up to 20 years in prison on each of the three counts.

In his plea agreement, Force, admitted to taking money from the head of the underground marketplace the Silk Road and then obscuring that fact before withdrawing money from his own bank account in exchange for inside information and other services. Force states:

“[Ross Ulbricht] paid me on two occasions in the summer of 2013. One payment was 400 bitcoin in June 2013 for fraudulent identification documents, and the other payment was 525 bitcoin in August 2013 for ‘inside’ law enforcement information about the investigation into the Silk Road. Rather than properly documenting these communications and payments and safeguarding the payments in a government account, I knowingly and intentionally took custody of both the 400 bitcoin and 525 bitcoin payments and converted them to my own personal use by depositing them into my own personal account and converting them to dollars that I ultimately withdrew from my personal

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