Exascale Supercomputer Targets 36 MB Block Sizes; Will Give Away Cryptocoins To Drive Mining

Exascale Power Co., a Portland, Ore.-based company that plans to build a supercomputer in New Mexico, has released more details about its plan to boost the power of the block chain processing infrastructure. Highlights include:

• The company plans to increase block sizes from 1MB to 36MB, providing processing in under 10 minutes.

• Exascale is introducing a new cryptocurrency called Kalbon. For the time being, the company is offering free Kalbon to anyone requesting it. Miners will have 1MB block sizes to start with and will be eligible for financing to upgrade to 36MB Kalbon.

• The company’s supercomputer will diversify block chain processing from the present concentration of activity in China.

“We are seeking wide adoption of the new larger block chain standard on our supercomputer and the broader mining community,” John Fitzpatrick, CEO of Exascale Power Co, told CCN.

A crypto coin giveaway to users as well as miners will accelerate that process.

Offerring a 36MB Hardfork

“Our Exascale system can scale to 36GB block sizes, but we will be offering

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