Exchanges Refrain from Commenting on the Block Size Debate

While most Chinese Bitcoin exchanges, Western Bitcoin web-wallet services and Bitcoin software providers have weighed in on the recent debate regarding the block size limit, almost all of the non-Chinese Bitcoin exchanges have so far refrained from offering meaningful, public comments on the issue.

CoinTelegraph reached out to all the bitcoin exchanges that account for at least one percent of global trading volume, as listed on, but we received no response from most of them. As such, it remains unclear whether the Bitcoin exchange industry would be in favor of raising the block size limit to 20 MB, as proposed by Bitcoin Core Developer Gavin Andresen.

Tuur Demeester, editor-in-chief at Adament Research, published a research paper this month called “Sizing Up the Block Size Debate.” Like CT, Demeester found that Bitcoin exchanges were generally averse to taking a clear stance on the issue. Speaking with CT, Demeester said:

“The Bitcoin exchanges have not spoken up during this block size issue. I understand why. It’s a highly technical, polarized debate and they have not much to gain from publicly favoring one side over the other.”

Tuur Demeester, editor-in-chief at Adament ResearchRead more ... source: Cointelegraph