Exclusive Interview: BitNational Dumps Robocoin over Privacy Concerns

In a Cryptocoins News exclusive interview, co-founder of BitNational, Drew Glover, discusses the success BitNational has experienced by switching to BitAccess software. BitNational operates nine bitcoin teller machines (BTMs) across western Canada and recently acquired the Canadian Bitcoin brokerage, Bitcoin Brains. They debuted their flagship BTM in North America’s largest mall in February 2014 to great fanfare. However, their Robocoin BTM was plagued by technical issues and customer concerns. Last month, BitNational dumped Robocoin and switched to BitAccess software, and since then, BitNational’s sales have increased by over 400%.

bitnationalbitnationalPrivacy Concerns

Robocoin ATMRobocoin ATMIn February 2014, BitNational unveiled its flagship BTM, located near Entrance 50 of West Edmonton Mall, North America’s Largest mall. The BTM was an immediate hit, but BitNational also started receiving a lot of complaints from potential customers. The complaints mostly focused on the Robocoin

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