Exclusive Interview with Andrew Vegetabile: Litecoin Update


litecoinlitecoinWhile the price and attention has subsided substantially, Litecoin has gone through a lot of the changes over the last couple of months. I’m here today with Andrew Vegetabile from the Litecoin Association to talk about things that have been happening in Litecoin in the past few months.

Since our talk in February regarding LTCGear, how has Litecoin changed?

There have been a number of activities and events that has happened since February between major events with Litecoin itself as well as Litecoin Association news and some other miscellaneous things. As I write this, the Litecoin network will experience its first halving within the next ~40 days. Several websites have been set up for the countdown, and here is one that we have linked on Reddit.This is obviously a major milestone for Read more ... source: Bitcoinist