Exclusive Interview With Jihan Wu of Bitmain on S7, Block Size Debate and More

Bitcoin and BitmainBitcoin and Bitmain

The current Bitcoin block size debate has dragged in everyone from all corners of the Bitcoin industry. Miners and Mining pools have recently begun to have their say, with nearly all of them supporting an increase in block size. However, with over 62% supporting the BIP100 variant, the XT proposal has been left for dead. At any rate, XT sparked a needed debate in the Bitcoin community. While all of this has been going on, Bitmain again surprised everyone with the release of the Antminer S7.

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Antminer S7 3Antminer S7 3The S7 was made using an optimized 28nm process that allowed them to get 0.25 J/GH. The BM1385 is the fasted chip on the market right now. The S7 sales just started, and Bitmain expects to begin shipping at the end of September or the beginning of October.  Bitcoinist was able to have an exclusive interview with Jihan Wu Co-Founder of Bitmain.



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