Exclusive: NewsBTC Interviews BlockTrail’s Boaz Bechar

BlockTrail is one of the leading Bitcoin API developers. We at NewsBTC spoke to Boaz Bechar, the CEO of BlockTrail. We threw a few questions at him and guess what, he threw back some responses (pretty good ones too). Read further to know how the interview went.

NewsBTC: Let’s start with BlockTrail, Can you tell us more about it?
Boaz: BlockTrail is known for developers API. It is an interface structure which comes with wallet functionality, advanced bitcoin features, multisignature security and HD wallet. It is one of the most advanced APIs out there. Another popular product of ours is the BlockExplorer. It is used by lot of services in the industry to show users the status of transactions. Apart from these services, we have lot of individual users who use BlockExplorer as well.

NewsBTC: How is BlockExplorer different from Blockchain.info?

Boaz: Blockchain is more known for their consumer wallet whereas we focus more on the developer side. Our infrastructure and technology is different from that of Blockchain. Our wallet is multisignature and HD by default. I’d say that we differ in terms of technology we provide, at least until now.
Going forward, we have

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