Exclusive: Patrick Byrne deal bridges gap between bitcoin technology and Wall …

Since at least the time T0 bought its initial stake in SpeedRoute, the company has been experimenting with building its securities into the blockchain technology behind bitcoin. “What that does is it’s now a pipeline, more than a pipeline, a bridge for everything we’ve built,” Byrne told me. “Everything we’ve built in the crypto-world can now be accessed directly in the conventional national market system.”

Among T0’s potential competitors is New York City-based Symbiont, which similar to the Overstock subsidiary, is building on the bitcoin blockchain. But in a departure from T0, Symbiont is building “smart” or self-executing securities which embed processes in the software. Another competitor, Blythe Masters’ Digital Assets Holdings, has been quiet about many of the details of its operation, but based on recent acquisitions seems to be preparing to build on a different blockchain, or even a series of blockchains.

Byrne’ battle to increase transparency on Wall Street goes back at least to 2005, when he told a group of investors on a phone call that financial insiders were exploiting a loophole to make millions of dollars off companies like his own, according to a Wired report last year. So it is no surprise that at T0’s launch earlier this month he said he wants to close that opening by ensuring security loans which are promised to be made, are actually made. At the launch he said the technology could save between 80 percent to 90 percent on systemic costs due to the loophole.

In our phone conversation today, the Overstock CEO said that Wall Street

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