Expedia’s Connie Chung: Purchases With Bitcoin Are Down 40%

Connie Chung Expedia

Despite a decline of approximately 40% in bitcoin purchases, Connie Chung, senior payments product manager at Expedia, says the option to pay with the digital currency will remain as long as there is a demand for it.

In interview with CoinDesk, Chung, who helped launch bitcoin payments for Expedia’s US website last year, says the decision to accept payments in the cryptocurrency was also a response to demand, and that this is perhaps the most important factor in its selection of payment methods.

It was not, she added, about Expedia making a statement or taking a stance on digital currencies.

She told CoinDesk:

“We accept bitcoin as a way of just allowing customers to pay with whatever method they want to pay. For us, bitcoin is on an even playing field with the other payment types we offer.”

Consumer adoption

Chung noted other merchants had been more affected by what she called a recent decline in bitcoin payments –  with some reporting a decrease of up to 90% at various industry events.

For Chung, the general drop in payments can be correlated with bitcoin’s declining price, a reasoning that appears in line with the current narrative about

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