Expert: Bitcoin will Never become a Reserve Currency

Opinions are dime a dozen, as everyone has at least one and sometimes more than one. There is nothing different when it comes to the subject of bitcoin either. There are many conflicting opinions about the digital currency which are casually being tossed, even by those who have never used bitcoin in their life until now. But that doesn’t mean all opinions are a waste of time, or useless. One of the conflict of opinion about bitcoin revolves around its role as a reserve currency.

Recently, the founder of DistributedLab, Pavel Kravchenko stated that, even though bitcoin is being widely used by people across the world, it may never gain the position of a reserve currency. He instead weighed in on the possibilities of Bitcoin becoming a separate asset, similar to gold and other precious metals.

In order to become a reserve currency, bitcoin has to be first widely accepted by all banking and financial institutions across the world. But, none of the banks currently recognizes bitcoin as a mainstream currency. Japan may be an exception here, as there is currently a draft resolution that calls for bitcoin to be considered equal to other legal tenders. This resolution puts bitcoin alongside US dollar,

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