Exploring a Centralization Risks of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

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For a immeasurable infancy of Bitcoin Core contributors, a Lightning Network is noticed as a best choice for scaling Bitcoin to many millions of new users. But a complement has not nonetheless been implemented on a Bitcoin blockchain, that has left many to consternation either it is correct to put so most wish and faith behind an untested solution.

At a recent event during a Coinbase offices in San Francisco, Lightning Network creators Joseph Poon and Tadge Dryja gave a display on their pattern for scaling Bitcoin around a universal network for payment channels. During their talk, Dryja and Poon responded to concerns from a assembly about how a Lightning Network might eventually turn rather centralized around supposed supernodes.

Some Nodes Will Be Better-Connected Than Others

Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam brought adult a emanate of supernodes during a Lightning Network presentation, and Poon responded to this concern, stating:

“I consider there will be [some nodes] more-connected than others. It’s critical to make a nodes non-identifiable and simply interchangeable. When it comes to highly-connected nodes, it’s not forever cheap. It’s not going to be supernodes identical to BitTorrent or Skype peers (the

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