Factom Chairman on Bitcoin: "The Sooner We Fork The Better" – CCN

As the release date of Segregated Witness approaches, the support for Bitcoin Core and its innovative scaling solutions is rapidly increasing. However David Johnston, chairman of the Factom Foundation, believes a hard fork is necessary to accommodate more users onto the bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Core’s rivaling alternative hard fork proposal Bitcoin Unlimited recently began to obtain a serious momentum behind their growth due to the support from ViaBTC, one of the largest mining pools in bitcoin. With prominent figures including Roger Ver and the Bitcoin.com’s recent hahspower allocation, Bitcoin Unlimited’s presence has significantly risen over the past several months.

Johnston, who actively collaborates with the Factom team led by CEO Peter Kirby, believes that hard forks should not be feared, and that the sooner a hard fork is executed to expand the bitcoin blocksize, the better.

Differentiation Between Big Block Core Supporters

In the beginning of his 3-part series on the importance and necessity of a hard fork execution, Johnston states that the bitcoin community is essentially divided into two conflicting beliefs:

  1. “The original whitepaper as a “Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System” should translate into Bitcoin primarily serving as a global payment network competing with the likes of

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