Factom Chairman on Bitcoin: "The Sooner We Fork The Better"

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As a recover date of Segregated Witness approaches, a support for Bitcoin Core and a innovative scaling solutions is fast increasing. However David Johnston, authority of a Factom Foundation, believes a tough flare is required to accommodate some-more users onto a bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Core’s rivaling choice tough flare offer Bitcoin Unlimited recently began to obtain a critical movement behind their expansion due to a support from ViaBTC, one of a largest mining pools in bitcoin. With distinguished total including Roger Ver and a Bitcoin.com’s new hahspower allocation, Bitcoin Unlimited’s participation has significantly risen over a past several months.

Johnston, who actively collaborates with a Factom group led by CEO Peter Kirby, believes that tough forks should not be feared, and that a earlier a tough flare is executed to enhance a bitcoin blocksize, a better.

Differentiation Between Big Block Core Supporters

In a commencement of his 3-part array on a significance and prerequisite of a tough flare execution, Johnston states that a bitcoin village is radically divided into two opposing beliefs:

  1. “The strange whitepaper as a “Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System” should interpret into Bitcoin essentially portion as a tellurian remuneration network competing with a likes of

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