Factom Launches Factom Keymaker – The Easiest Way To Check Factoid Balances

Factom is perhaps the most anticipated project in the cryptocurrency ecosystem for 2015. Factom promises to introduce new blockchain based software that will bring developers the tools to build a new generation of applications using the blockchain technology while making it available to every type of organization.

Factom introduced the first functional blockchain technology that provides an unalterable and safe record-keeping system. By using another data layer on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, the Factom protocol can secure millions of real-time records in the blockchain with a single hash.

Factom Genesis, the beta version of Factom software, has already been launched and to celebrate, the team secured “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” in 443 different translations to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Factom Keymaker

This week the Factom team released a new app called the Factom Keymaker. The new app serves as a tool to help Factom_Keymaker_article_midimage1_NewsBTCFactom_Keymaker_article_midimage1_NewsBTCinvestors check their Factoid balance. The team developed the app to be available for Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

The Factom team is working hard and recently updated the instructions for the Factom Genesis

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