Factom Will Use Both The Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain

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The Factom plan has been attracting a lot of courtesy over a past year. Using blockchain record for things outward a financial zone is always exciting. The project’s group is operative on anchoring supportive information into a blockchain. However, they will be regulating both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains to do so, interjection to a new underline called M2.

Contrary to what many people believed to be true, Factom will not be disdainful to a Bitcoin blockchain. While that stays a many secure of a blockchains in existence today, a association will not put all of their eggs in one basket. By integrating a Ethereum blockchain as well, Factom will safeguard information is cumulative during all times. Additionally, this increases a decentralized aspect of a whole project.

Factom Embraces Ethereum Blockchain

All of this is done probable interjection to a underline called M2. Factom organizes all information in a network into Entries and Chain. User information is stored in a Entries, since a Chain associates Entries with one another.Every sequence will have Entry Blocks, of that new ones are generated each 10 minutes. This seems to be on standard with a stream Bitcoin block time.

However, there is an critical addition

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