Fake Armada Collective Threats Trick Victims into Paying $100000 in Bitcoin

The threat of cyber attacks has become so real that many individual users and enterprises would rather pay a fee than deal with the attack itself. This has created a new job opportunity for extortionists who will identify themselves as the Armada Collective, and demand a price to be paid in Bitcoin for not executing a distributed denial of service attack.

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Armada Collective Impersonation is Lucrative

Although it remains unknown how many people are pulling off this Armada Collective impersonation, there is no denying their efforts are quite profitable. By stealing the identity of these notorious hackers, they have been able to extort Bitcoin from several dozen companies around the world.

People who have been keeping an eye on the technology sector will have come across the Armada Collective name before, as this group is notorious for the distributed denial of service attacks. However, targeted enterprises and individuals could avert this fate by paying a royal sum of money in Bitcoin, which most of them ended up doing.

Keeping in mind how rumors are floating around on the Internet regarding the arrest of Armada Collective members in January

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