Fake Bitcoin Apps Emerge in Apple iTunes App Store

Fake Bitcoin Apps Emerge in Apple iTunes App Store

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Fake bitcoin wallet apps have emerged in the Apple iTunes App Store, potentially putting bitcoin accounts at risk and reinforcing the need for people to make sure they are downloading apps from official wallet websites, according to Kyt Dotson, a senior editor at Silicon Angle.

A representative of Breadwallet, a bitcoin app available in App Store and Google Play, has posted a notice on Reddit listing a number of fake bitcoin wallet apps in the iTunes App store, calling into question Apple’s vetting process.

The fake apps have names similar to the official mobile wallet apps, but they can leave users vulnerable to having their accounts compromised.

Use Official Wallet Websites

The Reddit post noted Apple would hopefully disable the fake apps.

In the meantime, wallet users are advised to use links provided on the wallets’ official websites rather than going through iTunes or Google Play. This way, a user can be sure the wallet app they want to download is the one intended to be downloaded.

A fake “GreenAddress” wallet on iTunes, for example, has an ID number of “id1139753685.” When Silicon Angle

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