Falconwing Media Wants Nearly 700 Writers ‘to Defend Internet’s Fundamental Values’

Falconwing Media is looking for 682 people to write three-sentence news summaries, embed them within images that are immune to blocking, and to distribute them using social media. The news service will outcompete “oldmedia” — by writing “about civic issues relevant to the net generation” — and will “pay people well,” in Bitcoin.

“I just had had enough, and tried to come up with a way to circumvent these organizations that are still operating on a lot of pre-internet assumptions. Decoupling publication from distribution (creating news that get shared outside your control) is one such strategic action I don’t see oldmedia catching up with in a decade, if ever.”

— Rick Falkvinge

Rick Falkvinge, Swedish IT serial entrepreneur and known founder of the Pirate Party, is creating a new reporting format designed to outperform what he calls “oldmedia.” The news outlet will start in Europe, with ultimate plans to go global. They plan to begin with 21 writers plus a manager for each of 28 countries in the EU, plus Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. 

Falkvinge believes his methods could outcompete “those who aren’t doing journalism any longer” and the mainstream media that still

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