Family Offices See Legitimacy in Securitized Bitcoin Investments

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Investors with over $1tn in assets under management gathered at an event last night to judge if bitcoin is ready to be recognized as a mainstream asset class.

Onstage, the event looked like countless other bitcoin demo days, but it was what transpired between the panelists and the audience of 110 estimated family offices investors, hedge fund investors and private equity firms that gave it a decidedly different twist.

Myles Edwards, who represents ultra-high net-worth individuals and co-founded the New York Family Office Private Funds Roundtable, said his firm organized the event to learn more about digital currency as it is interested in a wide range of securitized investments.

Edwards told CoinDesk:

“What really intrigues us about tonight is that there is a clear synergy, a clear nexus between what’s happening in the digital world, and what’s happening in financial services. And that is going to be the catalyst to bring us to the next generation.”

Edwards, who is also general counsel at financial advisory firm Shufro, Rose Co, said he couldn’t mention specific hedge funds which had begun to securitize the assets. But he added that the high-net-worth members of the Roundtable saw the existence of such

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