Faradam for Freelancers – Track Time and Bitcoin Payments

In today’s industry, freelancers play a very important role. They are a boon to start-ups and small companies as they can easily access the right talent required for a task without having to keep them on the company’s payroll. The new application, Faradam is developed just for this segment of workforce.

Another advantage of hiring freelancers is that a business can pick the right one out of a larger talent pool. They can look for someone with specific qualifications, skill sets who they think is more suited for the task at hand. In addition, the business doesn’t have to pay for their benefits, insurance etc. like in the case of a full time employee.

Freelancers have varied pricing, the cost of hiring a freelancer for a particular project depends on multiple factors including skills, experience, location and duration of project. Most of the freelancers bill their work on an hourly basis. While getting work done from a remote workforce can be economical, it can also be a pain when it comes to tracking the number of man-hours the freelancer has put into the project and making payments accordingly. The time and payment issues are mutual problems faced by both the

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