Father Of Two Brothers Who Died Overdosing On MDMA Support Drug Legalizing Campaign

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Ray Lakeman, the father of Jacques Lakeman (20) Torin (19) who were found dead in a flat above a pub in Bolton in November 2014, is backing a campaign group called Anyone’s child to legalize and regulate drugs. Both of the father’s children overdosed on MDMA, which they bought from abroad on the dark net.

Sarah Lakeman, the mother of the tragic brothers, a teacher at Castle Rushen High School, said she does not share her husband’s views.

Ray Lakeman told the media:

“The war on drugs is not working – this is the only way to control it and it will also prevent gang warfare and violence. It’s not going away. If I felt my boys were killed because of drugs and knowing that everybody stopped, it would make a difference, but I know it doesn’t. I know friends of Torin’s at Aberystwyth University [where he was studying physics] are still taking drugs – it has not stopped them. Newcastle University is giving out tester kits to students so kids know the drugs they are taking are safe. It’s not stopped it. I’m sure if my boys had known what they were taking they would have stopped and would

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