FBI Agent Threatens to Kill Silk Road Architect, Ulbricht’s Family for Bitcoin

Diamond, which is believed to be an online alias of an unknown corrupt FBI agent, has been threatening to kill Silk Road Architect Variety Jones and torture Ross Ulbricht’s mother and sister to obtain the password to an encrypted bitcoin wallet containing over 300,000 BTC or US$70 million which previously belonged to Ulbricht, the creator of the Silk Road.

Diamond believed that Variety Jones, with his involvement in creating the Silk Road could help him gain access to the funds. “He wants me to move to Singapore, where he can set up a safe house and know that I’m clear of the clutches of the DOJ,” claimed Jones on the MyPlantGanja forum.

Furthermore, Jones claims that Diamond provided classified information about the Silk Road investigation ahead of time, specifically about former special agents Carl Mark Force IV and Shaun Bridges, to U.S. law enforcement officials charged for moving the seized funds during the Silk Road investigation to their private bitcoin and bank accounts. Since only high ranking members of the FBI have the power and authority over this type of information, the information on the two agents convinced Jones to

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