FBI and DHS Hacked

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Under a pro-Palestine slogan, a hacker has released information on over 29,000 employees of the FBI and DHS. It isn’t certain who’s behind this, but it’s been speculated that the hackers behind this are same ones from “Crackas With Attitude” (CWA) who were responsible for attacks toward the CIA. According to a tweet, the leader is “Vinnie” who has ties to “Lizard Squad” and was arrested in 2014.

Several tweets have been made that voiced support for the “FreePalestine” movement. One tweet explained that this hack was to bring attention to the movement. It was also expressed in a tweet that Israel and the US governement are evil. “We support #FreePalestine, Israel and the US Gov are evil!”

They also showed distaste towards Zionism saying “i think zionism should die”.

Support for “FreeJeremy” has been shown as well, “Jeremy” being Jeremy Hammond who was a member of Anonymous and is currently serving 10 years in prison.

The Motherboard reports that the hacker obtained this information by gaining access to an email account of a DoJ employee, where he then social engineered his way into the DoJ web portal giving him access to a virtual

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