FBI Contracted Former Tor Developer To Create Torsploit Malware

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Ever since the Silk Road platform was shut down by law enforcement, people have been wondering if the Tor network was as secure as it is touted to be. As it turns out, a former part-time Tor Project developer helped the FBI in developing the Torsploit malware.

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Matthew Edman And FBI Develop Torsploit

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Anonymity software has been a thorn in the eye for law enforcement officials for years now, as these tools are often associated with illegal activities on the internet. Tor, one of the most commonly used forms of anonymity software, allows users to hide their real IP addresses and preserve anonymity on the World Wide Web.

But at the same time, Tor has received a lot of attention from law enforcement. Earlier this year, a judge ruled that the FBI and Carnegie Mellon University worked together in actively breaching the Tor protocol to identify Internet criminals. This shed a whole new light on the anonymity software, as there is very little point in using this software if law enforcement agencies have a backdoor somewhere.

Whether or not that is the

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